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North Spore Organic Golden Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit with Spawn

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Outdoor Mushroom Log Kits contain a drill bit, complete instructions, sealing wax, a wax applicator, and 100ct plug spawn or voucher (see below).

The Golden Oyster mushroom is a customer favorite at farmers' markets due to its bright yellow hue. These fragile mushrooms are difficult to transport and you'll easily beat grocery store quality by growing them in your backyard.

Golden Oysters can easily replace button mushrooms in most recipes and pair well with many cuisines and flavors. Like all Oyster mushrooms, they retain water and develop a slimy texture when undercooked. If you prefer a firm texture, continue to cook Oysters until crisp. Golden Oyster mushrooms develop a cashew-like flavor when cooked to a slightly crispy texture.

The Golden Oyster mushroom has a high protein content, several B vitamins, and all the essential amino acids (Marley, 2009). Its medicinal benefits include promoting anti-tumor activity and lowering high cholesterol. Oyster mushroom fruiting bodies and distillations have been shown to reduce tumor size in several studies on mice, rats, and hamsters (Hobbs, 1995). Additionally, Oyster mushrooms have been used in the Czech Republic as the main ingredient in a dietary supplement used to treat high cholesterol (Hobbs, 1995). Studies in animals have shown that a diet of Oyster mushrooms reduced the development of plaque in major arteries (Bobek et al., 1995). 

Difficulty: Beginner 

Golden Oysters are a great mushroom for beginners. They are reliable producers during the warmer months.

Spawn is living and perishable.

It can live unrefrigerated for up to three months, though it is best to keep it refrigerated for long-term storage. Because of its perishability we offer our Outdoor Mushroom Log Kits with two options:

Outdoor Mushroom Log Kits can be shipped either with mushroom spawn included (for projects that will begin within 3 months of the order date) or shipped with a voucher for receiving spawn at a later date (best for holiday gifts or projects beyond a 3 month start date).