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Woodlink Going Green Fly Through Bird Feeder ( FOR PICKUP ONLY)

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This classic trough feeder is made in the USA of 90% post-consumer waste plastics! The quaint covered-bridge design is only matched by the wood grain finish of the recycled plastic frame. Reminiscent of old country furniture, details are not lost anywhere on this fly-through feeder, as the sides are powder-coated steel brackets instead of solid panels! These side arms have folksy gate hinge curves that support the green roof. This “grain” printed plastic v-shaped roof keeps the 2 lbs of food dry. Like all Woodlink products the pieces are ruggedly constructed and screwed together – nothing is going to come apart from weather or use stress. This feeder can accommodate larger birds such as cardinals and blue jays, or smaller diners including chickadees and siskins. This is a versatile feeder and it can be set up to hold mealworms, peanuts or corn ears to appease the squirrels that visit. Feeder can be filled with oranges to lure in orioles, or with bluebird treats to delight your favorite insect eaters.

Note: Pole mounting sold separately.

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