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The Ultimate Biography of Earth

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Told in a lively, illustrated biography form to deliver its cutting-edge science in the most compelling way by Maine Audubon's own Nick Lund, here is the story of Earth, from the chaotic Hadean eon with its huge oceans of molten rock to today’s Cenozoic era, aka the Age of Mammals (and that includes us humans).

Learn about the Great Oxygenation Event. Meet some of the planet’s wildest life-forms, like Megatherium—a sloth as big as an elephant. Watch the continents separate, crash together, and reform. Get an eyewitness view of Earth’s major mass extinction events, including the asteroid strike that doomed the dinosaurs. And catch up on the basics, like why the sky is blue and how glaciers shape the land. It’s the ultimate biography of the best home in the galaxy. Fully illustrated and packed with facts!

Highly recommend for curious children who are elementary and middle school.