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The Flatlander's Guide to Maine

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A Flatlander, by definition”at least by our definition”is anyone not originally from Maine. We forgive them. Really, we do. In fact, we want to help. A Flatlander's Guide to Maine offers visitors, transplants, wary guests, native animal species, and anyone else uninitiated in the ways of the Pine Tree State a well-researched and finely illustrated educational guidebook. Readers will learn about the state's culture, attractions, animals, plants, history, lingo, and many other important aspects of Maine life. We are confident this book will make your visit more intellectually fulfilling and will enhance your Vacationland experience. Okay, okay, actually this book is mostly a lot of humorous drawings, silly cartoons, and made-up stories that we think will make you laugh. If you learn anything, that's on you. But it is all about Maine and we 100% stand by our claim that it will make your visit more fun and you will laugh. (P.S. Natives will love it, too!)