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Stokes Bluebird Book By Donald and Lillian Stokes

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Bluebirds -- an uncommon sight in recent years -- are now coming back, thanks to conservation efforts throughout North America. With the Stokes Bluebird Book, you can bring these charming and beloved birds into your own yard. This comprehensive, fully illustrated guide tells you all you need to know about attracting, observing, and protecting bluebirds. It covers everything from landscaping tips for making bluebirds welcome t how to construct a bluebird feeder.
The book also includes:
  • Complete information on bluebird nesting and breeding behaviors
  • Instructions for building a bluebird nest box and starting a bluebird trail
  • Detailed identification clues and range maps for all three bluebird species
  • Lists of bluebird societies and sources of all bluebird supplies
  • More than 80 beautiful full-color photographs

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