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Squirrel Buster Tray Feeder & Seed Catcher by Brome (FOR PICKUP ONLY)

Regular price $48.00

Add an effective barrier to your pole mounted bird feeder with the Brome Seed Buster Tray Feeder and Seed Catcher. This fantastic unit acts as both a tray feeder and a baffle, keeping seed from reaching the ground and stopping squirrels from reaching your pole mounted feeder. Its generous, 20.5" diameter creates a remarkable barrier, and the center coupler slides onto poles from 0.875" to 1" in outer diameter. The 1.75" depth of the tray enables you to place 7.75 quarts of seed, suet, or fruit in it to attract many bird species to dine, and a rolled edge provides plenty of perching. A wealth of drainage holes on the bottom of the dish help seed remain dry and fresh, and the item's black color adds a classic hint. Made from durable, UV stabilized plastic. Lifetime warranty.


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