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Song of the Raven: An Inuit Tale of Harmony with Nature

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Raven has flown down from his world above the sky and has filled the Earth with creatures. But when he sees that the people have forgotten to respect what he has created, Raven angrily rips the shining sun from its place in the sky, leaving the Earth to freeze with just the moon for light. Life becomes hard for the people below. Little Darkness is an ordinary Inuit boy, except that he has been born with a special gift. But he will only discover it when he finds a strange object on the ice and hears the haunting lullaby his mother sang to him when he was a little baby. In deciding to pick up the object, his adventure will begin, taking him into a vast world beyond imagination. His journey will change him, the Earth, and all its inhabitants forever. Song of the Raven offers an Inuit message of hope and healing for children, parents, teachers, and anyone who wants to cherish and sustain our beautiful Earth.