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Singing Bird: Molly Ockett A Maine Legend

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How one Native American healer with an unbreakable spirit triumphs over fierce invaders, ravaging diseases, and the utter loss of everything she holds dear.

Singing Bird: Molly Ockett: A Maine Legend captures colonial New England at its most turbulent time. As conflicting cultures collide, native people summon courage, wit, and tenacity to survive death and displacement by land hungry Europeans. Rising above her grim destiny, Molly Ockett lives today in the imagination of New Englanders.

With authentic historical detail and richly drawn characters, the book charts the life of one remarkable woman who endures through unimaginable circumstances. Those who relish history with a twist of suspense will eagerly follow Molly Ockett as she navigates a new world, while always remaining true to the traditions of her people and herself.