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Secrets of the Loon by Laura Purdie Salas & Chuck Dayton

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Below white pines, at water’s edge,
in guarded nest of mud and sedge,
squeezed inside an olive egg,
bill meets wing meets folded leg.

With these words, the scene is set for the hatching of Moon Loon. During her first summer with her parents and brother in the northland, Moon Loon has a lot to learn. Mom and Dad teach essential lessons, like how to catch and eat fish and how to avoid becoming a snack for snapping turtles. Moon Loon also discovers her secret skills, like how to float, how to dive, and— eventually—how to fly. This is a tale of wilderness, family, and independence.

The rhyming main text by Laura Purdie Salas shares Moon Loon’s story, and Chuck Dayton’s prose backmatter gives readers many more details about the facts introduced in the story. Laura is a long-time poet and writer of rhyming informational books, and Chuck is a photographer and former environmental attorney. He was instrumental in protecting loon habitat in Minnesota.

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