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Kestrel & Screech Owl House by Coveside (FOR PICK UP ONLY)

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Bring kestrels and small owls to your backyard haven with this fabulous Coveside Kestrel & Screech Owl House. This beautiful and unique dwelling is constructed of sustainably sourced, northeast pine and created by a family owned mill to give you a ecologically friendly and dazzling item to display on your property. The sloping roof of this generous unit serves to shed water while overhanging the house's entrance, giving your feathered friends protection from outdoor elements. Ventilation slots above the door provide temperature regulation for superior comfort and safety. Drainage holes in the bottom corners of the base panel keep the nest clean and dry, and the 3" diameter hole is ideal for kestrels to access. A bag of included wood shavings allows you provide your birds with adequate nesting material, further attracting them to your yard and this convenient nesting cavity. Situated on the inside of the abode's front panel is a 1.5" long perch to allow the mother kestrel to rest and observe outside activities, and the rough interior helps fledglings climb out when it's time to exit the roost. The side panel swings up for convenient cleaning and observation and fastens closed with an easy to use latch, and this rustic item will transform to an enchanting gray hue with repeated outdoor use and exposure to the elements. Use the attached metal loop to mount the house near open woods or on the edge of wooded lots, situating the box ten to thirty feet high in a tree or on a wall for best results. Offer these amazing birds of prey an ideal nesting option among your backyard ​décor with this fantastic Kestrel & Screech Owl House. Made in the USA.