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Hug 'Ems Small Brown Bat - 7" Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic

Regular price $7.99

If you're looking for a huggable plush pal then the Hug 'Ems Small Brown Bat Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic is a great choice. It says so right in its name! It's not called a lick 'ems, a kick 'ems, or a trick 'ems because those are all things that you shouldn't do with this small stuffed brown bat. You can if you want to but those really aren't its intended uses. It says what it is for right there in the name! You can lick this plush brown bat's soft and fuzzy fur if you want to but it is much more enjoyable to give it a nice squeeze. It is possible that you could kick it too, but why on earth would you kick something so cute and cuddly? Again, give it a hug instead. You'll be much happier with the results. As for tricking this small plush brown bat, that might be a little more difficult. It has a pretty good eye for spotting a prank. However, you might be able to slide a card trick by it. A stuffed brown bat doesn't really understand slight of hand because it doesn't have hands to use for slighting.