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Hector Fox and the Giant Quest

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"I wish fairytales were real," sighed little Lucy. And that was all it took for Hector and his band of merry friends to go in search of a real giant. There was a rumor that a new, enormous, shadowy stranger was living in the Forbidden Marsh beyond the forest . . . and since it was not a bear it must be a fairytale giant! With twists and turns and a capsized boat, the five friends venture far from home and make a surprising discovery — a huge discovery!


Hector Fox and the Giant Quest is the first in a series of books that follow the delightful adventures of Hector and his charming band of unique friends: Mo Marten, Charlie Chipmunk, Jeremiah Rabbit, and Lucy Skunk. Join the gang as they seek adventure, hunt giants, solve mysteries, and build friendships in modern-day tales reminiscent of the famed The Wind in the Willows.