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Hector Fox and the Daring Flight

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On a lazy summer day, Hector Fox and his friends watch a kite soar on the afternoon breeze and get a crazy idea: they also want to fly like a bird. Can the friends work together to design and build a flying machine? Can they find a brave pilot? And what happens if something goes wrong in the skies above Owl Hill? As their latest adventure unfolds, Hector Fox and his woodland friends realize it will also take a little bravery to save the day. Hector Fox and the Daring Flight is the third in a series of Hector Fox picture books created by award-winning author and illustrator Astrid Sheckels. Hector Fox and the Daring Flight features Hector as well as Lucy Skunk, Mo Marten, Charlie Chipmunk, Jeremiah Rabbit, Rufus Bear, and introduces Amos Beaver