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Forest Bright Forest Night

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Learn about the animals that make the forest their home by day and at night. This creative approach of looking at animal habitats in the forest puts readers close up to deer, bear, quail, crickets, mice, foxes, and more.

Someone is always awake in the forest, and someone else is always asleep! Some animals are alert in daytime and sleep at night. Others are alert at night, and are sleepyheads during the day. Be sure to count the animals! You FLIP THIS BOOK from day to night and back―a nice hands-on way to show the same view day and night. Teachers: this book is a great way to integrate science and literature.

Perfect for anyone looking for children's books:
  • with beautiful illustrations!
  • about nocturnal animals in the forest
  • for kids at home.
  • to give as a gift.
  • as an addition to the elementary science curriculu