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Erva 18" Wrought Iron Shepherd Staff Extender (FOR PICKUP ONLY)

Regular price $6.99

Shepherd staff height extender. Wrought iron pole extender is 20" in length (Actual extension is 18") 7/16" square steel stock. This extender inserts into our RT3D our RT3DX and our RT3DSD

We recommend that the extender be inserted in the side two tubes along the staff's shaft. It may be inserted in the top tube as well, however due to the excessive tolerance in the material used to make these parts, it may not be perfectly straight if inserted in that upper most tube. 

Important Note: This extender works perfectly with Erva 1/2" and 5/8" square (Premium and Premium Super Duty) staffs. Please be sure that you have an Erva staff and not something from another maker. We can't guarantee that this extender will fit non-Erva staffs. 

Easy to install. Simply remove existing shepherd staff "hook arm" - insert the RT5XL extender in its place - then re-insert the hook arm into the tube at the top of the RT5XL and you have gained 18" in height! No tools necessary. As with all of our hooks and hangers it's powder coated for extreme durability - and made in the USA.
This product is for pickup only. We apologize for any inconvenience.