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Dead Serious: Wild Hope Amid the Sixth Extinction

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Through personal stories of mishap and adventure, historical vignettes, and scenic detours, professor Eli J. Knapp dissects eighteen critical forces that lie behind the earth's sixth extinction. Drawing from experiences across the globe, Knapp peeks into odd and overlooked corners of natural history, showing how ocean–going tortoises and ghost deer can both instruct and inspire. Full of humor, hope, and self–effacing scientific savvy, Knapp's exploration of our home planet provides welcome respite in a deadly serious subject.

ELI J. KNAPP, PhD, has had a fascination with wildlife ever since obsessively counting deer on his bus rides to school as a kid. His wildlife interests have put him into kayaks, hot air balloons, dilapidated land rovers, and many pairs of hiking boots in search of new species and experiences. When not watching birds, Eli teaches courses in conservation biology, wildlife behavior, human ecology, and Swahili at Houghton College in western New York, where he is a tenured professor of intercultural studies and biology. His research interests spawn out of a three–year stint living in Serengeti National Park, where he studied the coexistence of people and wildlife around protected areas. Eli now enjoys sharing nature with his wife and three children, and has chronicled his adventures in The Delightful Horror of Family Birding: Sharing Nature with the Next Generation.