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Crustacean Vacation

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From out of the sea, from out of the spray, the crab family's going on holiday! And so begins a grand day out at the seashore, as a family of crabs ventures on land to picnic on the beach (yum, peanut butter and jellyfish!), play games in an arcade (not even a crab wins at The Claw), and slide and glide in a water park. This is no ordinary boardwalk. Here, a seagull runs the candy store, a shark sits in front of a tattoo parlor, a seahorse hawks prizes, and the water park's lifeguard is an octopus. Join Mom, Dad, two crablets, and Grannie as they create holiday memories like no other. Young readers will delight in the clever rhyming verses paired with wacky and wonderful illustrations from the imagination of acclaimed New Hampshire artist Marty Kelley.