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Cold Current Kelp Glow - 10 ml

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Made with regeneratively grown, traceable Maine kelp

“We are proud to be on the ground and in the water for every step of our process – from growing kelp in our local Maine waters, to harvesting, drying, and developing the best possible formula. We see our product development all the way through, from sea to skin.”

Cold Current Kelp is a women-owned kelp farm and skincare company in Southern Maine. Business partners Inga and Krista are good friends who share a desire to grow kelp for its many environmental benefits and its incredible potential as a nutrient-packed ingredient. Starting their seaweed journey in 2021, their goal is to create clean skincare products that are unique, authentic, and effective. Cold Current Kelp is committed to sustainability, clean ingredients, and spreading the power of seaweed in skincare.