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Boujee Bee Candles - Made in Maine

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Our Commitment
Sustainability, Quality and Creativity

Boujee Bee was created with the idea that candles and modern home decor could be clean, classy, interesting and most importantly earth friendly. Our vision is to offer products without compromising quality. We want to be a brand that we would shop at and feel good about supporting.

Operating as a small business means that each piece has been thoughtfully hand crafted from beginning to end.  We mix, pour, sand, paint, gild, stamp and seal each product ensuring they meet our high quality standards before ever leaving the studio. With this being said, you will not find any two pieces identical, they are one of a kind! Boujee Bee will continue to offer products with unique elements, reflective of our modern, creative style.

We promise to always operate sustainably, even when it's extremely challenging to source alternatives.  Our small business has been centered around finding ways to share our products while avoiding the use of plastics. With only 9% of "recyclable" plastic actually getting recycled, we could not in good conscience turn a blind eye to the horrible effects plastic continues to have. After months of continuous research, buying and testing, we finalized our products and ultimately committed to compostable  packaging.  Alone we won't save the planet but we do believe that everyone should do what they can, and supporting plastic free when it's available is a simple way to start. All we need are choices to choose plastic free and Boujee Bee offers that alternative. 

"Downcycling is mainly a problem due to misinterpretation of the public. Many people assume that plastic, like glass or paper, can be recycled over and over again forever without losing any quality. The truth is that plastic is continually downcycled until it is rendered completely useless for recycling. After that, in most cases, it winds up in a landfill, where it slowly breaks down into microplastics and emits methane."