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Skunk Toy

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About this product:

Skunks are related to weasels, badgers, otters, and wolverines, but are in their own family. They are well known for their ability to spray a foul-smelling liquid as a defense mechanism. Their striking white and black fur pattern warns other animals to steer clear, lest they be sprayed with the smelly, difficult to remove liquid. History: The Striped Skunk is found almost everywhere in the United States, as well as through much of Canada and northeastern Mexico. When threatened, the Skunk will raise its bushy tail in a defensive posture and, if that is not enough, spray a chemical mixture from its scent glands. Scientific Name: Mephitis mephitis Characteristics: Watch out! This Skunk is ready to spray! With its tail raised and its back arched, this little stinker is ready to let loose on anything or anyone who won't back off.  This stinky Skunk toy figure doesn't really smell, unlike its real-life counterpart.