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Sand Pond Studio Artwork by Anne Stuer - Consignment

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Artist Statement: I thrive on variety and my artwork is an expression of this. Our natural world is usually my inspiration. The ocean has always drawn my attention with its power and beauty. Each wave is unique and the coloring of the water depends on the light of the day or the life within it. The plants and flowers around my home give me ample ideas to put on a canvas. I also embrace the freedom of painting abstracts and using bright, bold colors splashed across the panel. And for a bit whimsy, I’ve created a community of gnomes to collect and enjoy.

Throughout my life, I’ve learned and experimented with many different art techniques. When I first discovered encaustic painting, it was exciting to combine some of those techniques with beeswax. I enjoy the challenge of working with the wax to express myself and play. Life is too short to create in only one direction!

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