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Bird Migration: The Incredible Journeys of North American Birds

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A fascinating look at North America’s famous natural spectacles

Bird migration captivates us. Where are the birds going? How far will they fly? How do they know when it’s time to leave—and how will they know when to return? Stan Tekiela has been studying and photographing birds of North America for more than 30 years. Now, the award-winning author and naturalist presents his insightful observations about migration and showcases them with his amazing images in a one-of-a-kind coffee-table book.

Stan’s photographs capture the birds as they migrate and depict behaviors that are sure to surprise and delight you, while the text makes for easy yet informative browsing. From the small, night-flying songbirds to the large, day-flying waterfowl and raptors, you’ll develop a new appreciation for our incredible migrators in the United States and Canada.

Discover the wonders of birds and their incredible migratory voyages. Turn to any page and be amazed by Stan’s lively and colorful photography of birds along their migratory routes.