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The Science of Watching, The Art of Seeing, and the Power of Nature Absorption

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Chris Lewey and co-authors Sharon Fisher and Jane Lounsbury

Their new book just published in January beautifully encapsulates the profound connections between humanity and our natural world, offering a refreshing perspective that resonates deeply with the reader.  There are topics that encourage a connection with Nature on many different levels, but we make connections with scientific facts and spiritual relationships that open us to different perspectives and increase the awareness of the sacred all around us.

Nature Absorption brings about physical, mental, and spiritual transformations. This book provides a simple compass pointing toward an enhanced awareness that everyone can experience.  It is a useful tool for birders, nature enthusiasts, travelers, and anyone seeking to increase their knowledge, experience, and insight, going beyond identification.

Join the authors in a captivating exploration of Nature Absorption, delving into its profound impact on our lives and the extraordinary connections we share with the natural world.