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The Piping Plover (of Higgins Beach, Maine)

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Piping plovers are one of Maine's endangered species. These small, sand-colored shorebirds arrive on Maine's beaches every summer to nest and bring the next generation of plovers into the world. However, with increasingly limited habitat due to development and human-caused disturbances, these little birds are increasingly vulnerable and their numbers are shrinking. In response, Maine-based illustrator Bruce Hutchison and writer + educator Andrew Fersch teamed up to create this children's book about the small population of piping plovers that nests on beloved Higgins Beach every summer--Bruce lives close by in Cape Elizabeth and has many fond memories of Higgins and it is a regular destination for Andrew, his wife, and their young daughter. The story follows a young girl who notices and comes to care for these birds and who then works to educate her community about making the beach a safe and enjoyable place for humans and birds alike! Bruce and Andrew teamed up to create this children's book because the Piping Plover is an amazing creature, and one that needs all our help. They wanted to create something beautiful that they hope will inspire, bring joy, and celebrate a magical place and its incredible creatures. 

You can read more about Maine Audubon's work here: Piping Plover & Least Tern Recovery Project - Maine Audubon