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The Goose Lady

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For 23 years, Marjorie Bean Scott dressed a cement goose on her front lawn in Augusta, Maine. She made over 100 outfits for the friend she affectionately called, ‘Goosey.’ Thousands of tourists, children, and grownups photographed the goose and gave it gifts. People wrote letters thanking “The Goose Lady” for putting a smile on their faces and stirring joy in their hearts. TV reporters and local papers wrote stories about the goose and Down East Magazine listed "The Augusta Goose" as one of Maine's treasured monuments in its June 1999 edition. Marjorie helped pick out the goose’s outfits until her death in December, 2014 just a few weeks before her 96th birthday. Goose now resides at Farrington Elementary School, a mile from Marjorie’s home. Each day, school children choose outfits to dress Goose.