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The Gathering Room

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by Michelle E. Shores

In 1797, Captain George Butler has returned home with his wife, Nelly, and the beginnings of a family. A successful sea captain turned merchant, George is financially well-off and a pillar of his community. But lurking in the shadows is Lydia Blaisdell, a young girl who some say speaks with spirits. She and George have a history, and it’s all about to unfold in a bizarre love triangle with a supernatural twist. Based on a true story, The Gathering Room re-creates the lives of George, Nelly, and the young Lydia until that fateful day in 1800 when the dead rise to speak, lives are changed forever, and a small town on the coast of Maine is divided by an epic ghost story that has been retold for over 200 years.



Michelle Shores grew up in Bangor, where she wrote her first story at the age of eight. A lover of history, she has been actively involved with genealogy and local history for over 35 years. She is the author of the nonfiction Vital Records of Bangor, Maine, volumes 1 and 2.