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Owl Duo Flamed Wall Decor - Ancient Graffiti

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Owl Duo Wall Art. The durable steel body, varied brown tones, and familiar figures on this piece combine for a fantastic bit of art, perfect for adorning an indoor or outdoor wall. A 16.75" diameter circle supports a few metal rods near its base, evoking twigs. Leaf shapes adorn the rods and frame, furthering the arboreal motif, and two stylized owl shapes sit on the faux twigs. Overlapping pieces of steel bring dimension to the owls, and glass eyes on each create intent gazes. A wealth of brown hues lends an aged look to the sculpture, and a keyhole hanger on the back makes it simple to place this unit on a wall indoors or outside. Place a watchful bit of art in your home or garden with this Owl Duo Wall Art.