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Dick Folsom: Bush Pilot - A Legend Reflects

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in conversation with Jake Morrel

Dick Folsom returned to Greenville, Maine, after serving as a mechanic in the Army Air Force during World War II. He learned to fly before the conflict and often thought of starting a flying service while in the Pacific. That dream came true in 1948 when the local bank granted a loan to purchase two small floatplanes.

Slowly, over the next decade, Dick built Folsom’s Air Service into the largest bush flying company in the east. Paper companies, fishermen, hunters, hermits, and tourists all counted on Folsom’s for flights into the north woods of Maine.

Thirty years after founding the business, Dick hired Jake Morrel as a green pilot. That was the beginning of a close lifelong friendship.

As Dick aged, Jake realized the historical value of his stories. In the winter of 1996, the two sat down for several sessions and recorded the tales. This book is a transcript of those tapes, combined with vintage photos.