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Finder - Life on Intertidal Rocks

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Identifies plants and animals (Kelp, Sea Anemones, Sea Slugs, Crabs, and Starfish, and many more) that live in the intertidal zone of the rocky Atlantic Coast, from Rhode Island north to the Bay of Fundy. The granite bedrock of this glacier-scoured coast forms a habitat with many places for living things to hide. The twice-daily rise and fall of the sea creates the intertidal zone, extending from the splash zone, which gets wet from wave splash at high tide, but is never under water, to the lower zone, which is exposed only during the most extreme low tides. Organisms that live here endure many stresses, including winter cold and ice, alternating exposure and submersion, pollution, and the danger of being ripped away by waves during a storm. This book will help you identify organisms that live in and on tidepools, rocks, pilings, and wharves, and understand how they survive. Illustrated with the author's clear and detailed line drawings.