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A Blanding's Turtle Story

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A Blanding’s Turtle ventures across streams, over roads, and through wetlands to find food and a safe place to make a nest, in the third board book in Wildlife on the Move series. “A Blanding’s Turtle Story” follows one turtle through her seasonal cycle of hibernating, foraging, and nesting, with some unexpected challenges―and help―along the way.Through a simple narrative with beautiful illustrations, young readers will learn about the Blanding’s Turtle, behaviors and habitat, threats to its survival, and respectful human interaction to help conserve this rare endangered species.This is the third in a four-part series of board books done in partnership with Maine Audubon. All four are narrative nonfiction books about different New England species. This unique series is written and designed specifically for a preschool market; few board books exist that tell conservation stories for this age range.