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Baxter State Park Map & Illustrated Trails: Guide to Hiking and Exploring Baxter State Park

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  • Baxter State Park Map
Hiking Trails Map and Description
  • Mount Katahdin and Hamlin Peak Loop
  • Helon Taylor, Knife Edge, Saddle, and Chimney Pond Trail
  • Helon Taylor, Knife Edge, Cathedral, and Chimney Pond Loop
  • Mount Katahdin via Hunt Trail
  • Abol Trail
  • Hunt, Knife Edge, Helon Taylor, Chimney Pond, and Cathedral
    Trail Loop
  • Baxter Peak via Saddle Trail
  • Little and Big Niagara Falls via Appalachian Trail
  • North and South Brother via Marston Trail
  • Katahdin Dudley, Knife Edge, Saddle Trail Loop
  • Mount Katahdin via Hamlin Ridge