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A Full Net: Fishing Stories from Maine and Beyond

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It is said we get our looks from our parents - hair color, eye color, height. But can you inherit the fishing gene? If Sue Daignault is any proof, the answer is a resounding yes Spending summer childhoods with her family on Cape Cod, Sue and her siblings learned to surfcast for striped bass. She developed a love for fishing that has taken her around the world. In A Full Net, Daignault tells the story of how she came to be an enthusiastic and gifted angler, sharing triumphs (such as 150-lb halibut she caught while serving on a Coast Guard cutter in Alaska) and disappointments (we're looking at you, triggerfish). She shares her knowledge and experience with both the reader and the many people in her book, who range from professional guides to newbies. Through it all shines clearly her love for the waters of the world and respect and admiration for the creatures who call them home.